Kibela Give freedom to people and information

Information-sharing tool turning individual power to organization power.
Kibela is sustainable information-sharing service to be easily usable for anyone.
Our service minimize simple tools such as a "To become an affiliated person of the information" and "There are too many tools to use it" "There are something on the businesschat" is structured in a folder or a group. Furthermore, accompaniment type support attempt to realize the autonomous cycle of an individual and the team in accordance with the corporate culture and objective, growth stage with sharing information in custom. The knowledge is utilized by many people and it becomes the assets of the company.

  • Kibela Standard Plan

    Kibela Standard Plan

    - Small Business Plan -
    Regardless of the industry and the type of job, it is a popular plan used in many companies. A necessary function including the contribution of the article, joint editing, group folder management, the authority management of presentation, the outside joint ownership, user is included.
    Support from a chat can contact with someone speedily.

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  • Kibela Enterprise Plan

    Kibela Enterprise Plan

    - Large Business Plan -
    In addition to the tools of the standard plan, it is the plan that strengthened security necessary for SAML 2.0 Authentication single sign-on, inspection log (access history), a large enterprise and the inspection phase including the IP address access limit.
    In Kibela, it has been coped with the Vulmerability assessment tested.

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