Create precious time for all people.

Message from CEO

CEO of Bit Journey,Inc.

I've been involed with the development of the Internet service as an engineer for many years. In that I found the engineer can create precious time.
By using a technique, it will repeatedly work in so fast and more accurately, it took long time and suffered from in hands so far.
We can perform an activity to produce new value again.
I know Engineers are people to create precious time, not such as people to take away.
I established the bit journey in 2014 and developed information sharing service called "Kibela". I know "Someone's output for someone's input", "Create a new time by prioritizing infomation sharing".
I was thinking that I want that people can live for happiness so that people can live their own way.
Not a choice decided by somebody, a choice decided by yourself and people show own ability to the maximum and take the best result as well as me.
As for the life, it is limited shortly. I want to spend time for myself as much as possible.
There is a limit on time for people who can not increase it.
No one can deny the fact what is waste of time or not.
For example, it's waste of things from the someone's viewpoint but it can be an irreplaceable time from the someone's viewpoint.
We want to become a company creating precious time, not making people waste of time.
We will try to offer the service "Create precious time for all people" as a mission for people living life in their life to be who you are.

CEO of Bit Journey,Inc. Masahiro Ihara
Worked as a managers of Development Department in Yahoo! JAPAN.
Joined Cookpad in 2010 and engaged in the reinforcement of the engineer team and improvement of the technology as the technical manager, vice-personnel managerof Engineering Department. Set up a new project. Become independent in 2015 and established a bit journey in November, 2016. We released knowledge management platform “Kibela” accelerating for operational efficiency. Maneged more than 23,000 members by direct response marketing service. Act as a technical advisors in many companies.

Company Profile

Company Name
Bit Journey,Inc.
Capital stock
28,750,000yen (June 2020)
Business contents
Web Service development administration,Technology consulting
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Masahiro Ihara
Head Office Location
Minegishi Bldg., 3-16-11 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0071, Japan

Access Map

Minegishi Bldg., 3-16-11 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0071, Japan
  • ・The first floor is FamilyMart in the building
  • ・There is no lift for Eco. Please use stairs to 4th floor.
  • ・Please push the blue buzzer.